Outside the Centre

Kirkstall - Holbeck - Chapeltown - Woodhouse

This year Light Night Leeds will be taking some of our projects out of the city centre and bringing #ArtintheDark into different local areas and communities around Leeds.

41. Murmurations - Shared Space Sound and Light (UK)

14 and 15 October 2021 - 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Murmurations by Shared Space Sound and Light

On Light Night windows on the façade Kirkstall Abbey will be transformed into a canvas for a projection-based exploration of starling murmurations. Brighton-based collective Shared Space and Light have been inspired by the flocking patterns of these birds and their awe-inspiring displays right in the heart of our urban environments. Murmurations are a powerful reminder of the wonder of nature, and this beautiful projection work on the impressive Abbey building reveals the beauty in our immediate environment and reconnects us to the natural world.

After watching Murmurations why not join in with some family friendly creative activities and contribute to growing light installations in the grounds of the Abbey.

Sponsored by CEG and Kirkstall Forge.

Kirkstall Abbey and Grounds Abbey Road, LS5 3EH

42. Mystery Bird - Illuminous / Jason Singh / Helen Musselwhite / M3 Industries / Jack Hardiker (UK)

14 October (Holbeck) / 15 October (Chapeltown) - both nights run from 6pm to 9:30pm

Mystery Bird by Illuminous, Jason Singh, Helen Musselwhite, M3 Industries, Jack Hardiker

Mystery Bird is a moving installation that consists of an illuminated bird cage, a magical soundscape, and projection that will escape, cover the surrounding buildings and enchant audiences of all ages. During lockdown 2020, when this project was developed, many of us experienced a renewed interest in our natural surroundings - noticing birdsong again at a time when the world was quietly held at a temporary standstill. Birds are symbolic of hope and our desire for freedom and engagement with nature is widely recognised as very positive for humans, making us feel alive and connected to our fragile eco-system. Experience the magic of this beautiful projection in your local streets.

Routes and times

Starting at 6.30pm and running until 9pm, this mobile artwork will be travelling around several residential areas in Holbeck and Chapeltown. Mystery Bird will be stopping in the following places:

Thursday 14 October – Holbeck

  • Runswick Avenue, around 6.30pm
  • Recreation Grove, around 7.15pm
  • Recreation Place, around 8pm
  • Ingram View near Holbeck Mills/KD Carpets, around 8.45pm

Friday 15 October – Chapeltown

  • Saville Road, around 6.30pm
  • Mexborough Street, around 7.15pm
  • Sholebroke Place, around 8pm
  • Saint Martins Gardens, around 8.45pm

Please note, times are approximate and may be affected by weather or traffic conditions.

Originally Commissioned by Quays Culture.

 Holbeck, Thursday and Chapeltown, Friday

43. Inspired by Bragg: The Eightfold Dot - Melvin Moti (The Netherlands)

14 and 15 October 2021 - 7pm to 10:30pm

Inspired by Bragg: The Eightfold Dot by Melvin Moti

The Eightfold Dot (2013) by Dutch artist Melvin Moti, responds to the discovery of x-ray crystallography by William Henry Bragg, who built the first x-ray spectrometer at the Leeds University in 1913. Moti’s film is being projected onto the façade of the William Henry Bragg Building, as part of celebrations for the launch of the new building.

Presented by University of Leeds.

Sir William Bragg Building, University of Leeds Campus, LS2 9BW