Neon Workshops (UK)

2 Water Lane
Leeds, LS11 5BW

26 November 2020 to November 2021

If this year has shown us anything it’s the compassion that the people of Leeds have shown to one another during this difficult time. Thousands of people signed up as volunteers to support others, we united in clapping the NHS and key workers for their courageous front-line work, and we adorned our windows with rainbows, symbolising hope for a brighter future.

Yorkshire based artists, Neon Workshops, have taken the idea of the rainbow, nature’s most stunning display of natural light, and designed a bespoke new work for the city of Leeds. Their design is based on a full rainbow circle in light, which is how a rainbow looks in its true form from the air or from space. NASA use the technical term GLORY which seems like a fitting name for the piece.

We are delighted that Neon Workshops will be working with a group of young people from Leeds to create this stunning large-scale artwork. Visible from the water and the riverside walk, GLORY will be brightening up the Leeds Waterfront until November 2021.

Photo of GLORY rainbox by Ken Plumford

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