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64. Portal of Reflection - Tom Lambert (UK)

64. Portal of Reflection - Tom Lambert (UK)

An intriguing, ever evolving installation, the Portal of Reflection invites you to gaze through special glasses that shift your perspective and take you on a kaleidoscopic journey of self-reflection and positivity through animated light, colour and sound. Take a moment to reconnect with yourself and remind yourself about what is important in life.


Part of the SHINE emerging artist programme.


  • Thursday10/10/2019

    Thu 10/10/2019  7:30 PMtoThu 10/10/2019  11:00 PM

  • Friday11/10/2019

    Fri 11/10/2019  7:30 PMtoFri 11/10/2019  11:00 PM


St Peter's Square
St Peter's Square