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17. Talk to the Skies - ITHACA Studio (UK)

17. Talk to the Skies - ITHACA Studio (UK)

ITHACA Studio are award winning experimenters from Brighton who combine art, music and technology to make innovative experiences with sound and light, indoors and out. Their newest commission, Talk to the Skies, is an interactive, collaborative light and sound installation. Are you Red, Green or Blue? Pick a colour, take up a position and talk. See your voice converted into light and sound pulses that rocket across the ground and up into space. When all three colours come together things start to get really interesting. Talk to the skies. Join together and see the magic of communication.

Co-commissioned by bluedot.
Sponsored by Get Living.


  • Thursday10/10/2019

    Thu 10/10/2019  7:00 PMtoThu 10/10/2019  11:00 PM

  • Friday11/10/2019

    Fri 11/10/2019  7:00 PMtoFri 11/10/2019  11:00 PM


Park Square