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35. Lampadophores - Picto Facto (France)

35. Lampadophores - Picto Facto (France)

“Kiss whoever you want”. It’s what we might hear when the Lampadophores chant, sing or giggle cheerfully, if only we could understand their surrealist language.

Encounter these giant beacons in motion as they interact with the audience. Each Lampadophore has a different personality, and if their captivating and bewitching tone is not enough to cross the language barrier, they will know how to give you an example. Three pirouettes, a small dance, a kiss, a smack, a peck. Enter the circle of light, it belongs to you.


  • Thursday10/10/2019

    Thu 10/10/2019  9:00 PMtoThu 10/10/2019  9:30 PM


City centre