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22. Head, Body & Soul - Marie Collier (UK)

22. Head, Body & Soul - Marie Collier (UK)

Local artist Marie Collier’s work is inspired by the everyday, filming the unique day-to-day movement of nature and editing and layering her films to render them in a surreal and abstract form. Taking the Light Night festival theme of Mind, Body and Spirit, Marie will translate her art to the façade of Headrow House using projection, creating the illusion of the building being a living organism. The dramatic movements of her visuals will create an illusion as if the building was moving and breathing with light seeping into other rooms, representing the soul inside of Headrow House.

Sponsored by Headrow House.


  • Thursday10/10/2019

    Thu 10/10/2019  7:00 PMtoThu 10/10/2019  11:00 PM

  • Friday11/10/2019

    Fri 11/10/2019  7:00 PMtoFri 11/10/2019  11:00 PM


Headrow House
Bramleys Yard