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3. We are Saved by Loss - Naseem Darbey (UK)

3. We are Saved by Loss - Naseem Darbey (UK)

The universal human concepts of life, loss, and hope are explored in textile-based light artworks by artist Naseem Darbey.

These unique sculptural “hollow drawings” are hand built with layers of textile-based materials, inviting audiences to consider the pathology of human bodies. Through reference to science, art and philosophy the exhibition highlights the profound and eternal physical connection between the cosmos and the human body.

Although the exhibition explores serious, sometimes sombre themes, it also ponders and expands on the wonder of life and what is gained and created through loss. Visitors will leave the exhibition with a renewed appreciation for human existence and our place in the universe.


  • Thursday10/10/2019

    Thu 10/10/2019  6:00 PMtoThu 10/10/2019  11:00 PM

  • Friday11/10/2019

    Fri 11/10/2019  6:00 PMtoFri 11/10/2019  11:00 PM


Carriageworks Theatre
Millennium Square

0113 224 3801