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39. ‘Heofon’ Light Maze - Brut Deluxe (Spain / Germany)

39. ‘Heofon’ Light Maze - Brut Deluxe (Spain / Germany)

Another chance to lose yourself in ‘Heofon’, an immersive light installation designed by Ben Busche, Brut Deluxe, and manufactured by Ilmex S.A in collaboration with ARRO Lighting.

A maze based on triangular geometry and built with 2.5m high panels of acrylic glass, the panels reflect or shift light rays along the entire colour range of a rainbow while the spectator moves in the installation. On the outer perimeter the panels are covered with a mirror film converting the interior in an infinity room – a unique cosmos of overlapping light patterns and constantly changing colours.

Presented in association with Leeds BID.


  • Thursday4/10/2018

    Thu 4/10/2018  6:00 PMtoThu 4/10/2018  11:00 PM

  • Friday5/10/2018

    Fri 5/10/2018  6:00 PMtoFri 5/10/2018  11:00 PM


  • Station Zone


Sovereign Square
Leeds city centre