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24. Sit Bach and Enjoy Opera North (UK)

24. Sit Bach and Enjoy Opera North (UK)

A spotlight comes on; a single performer is illuminated and begins to play. What do you do?

Not normally a question you ask yourself at a classical music concert, beyond trying not to cough. But, turning traditional ideas of performance space and audience upside-down, four outstanding musicians play some of J.S. Bach’s most innovative and beautiful solo music, whilst audience members decide where to sit, how to listen, and when to leave. Set in a strange landscape of chairs, chaises-longues and stools, the effect is captivating.

First produced in 2010, Sit Bach and Enjoy celebrates the run up to the 10th anniversary of the Howard Assembly Room programme.

Event sponsored by The Light.


  • Thursday4/10/2018

    Thu 4/10/2018  6:00 PMtoThu 4/10/2018  10:00 PM

  • Friday5/10/2018

    Fri 5/10/2018  6:00 PMtoFri 5/10/2018  10:45 PM


  • Headrow Zone


Howard Assembly Room
46 New Briggate

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