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10. Whistleblower - Hoppla Creative (UK)

10. Whistleblower - Hoppla Creative (UK)

Whistleblower is a sound installation artwork working with a choir of up to 10 members at a time reciting spoken word transcripts in a round.

The effect of the multiple layer of voices speaking in repetition creates the hypnotic soundtrack to produce a meditative state in the viewer.

Audience members are invited to orchestrate the performance through simple hand gestures and walk amongst the choir during the piece.


  • Thursday4/10/2018

    Thu 4/10/2018  6:00 PMtoThu 4/10/2018  11:00 PM

  • Friday5/10/2018

    Fri 5/10/2018  6:00 PMtoFri 5/10/2018  11:00 PM


  • Town Hall Zone


Leeds Town Hall
The Headrow

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