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1. Chaos - Hotaru Visual Guerrilla (Spain) - centre-piece projection

1. Chaos - Hotaru Visual Guerrilla (Spain) - centre-piece projection

Throughout the universe there are systems that, despite being chaotic, tend to naturally become ordered.

We can say that life itself is an expression of self-organizing systems. This contemporary audio-visual piece, inspired by University of Leeds research into quantum chaos, explores the beauty of chaos through light, sound and movement.

With a combination of abstract forms, Spanish projection artists Hotaru Visual Guerrilla will transform the architecture of the Leeds Civic Hall.

Presented in partnership with Leeds 2023.


  • Thursday4/10/2018

    Thu 4/10/2018  7:30 PMtoThu 4/10/2018  11:00 PM

  • Friday5/10/2018

    Fri 5/10/2018  7:30 PMtoFri 5/10/2018  11:00 PM


  • Millennium Zone


Millennium Square

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