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17 / Beating Heart

17 / Beating Heart

Stuart Langley’s Beating Heart will bring the recently refurbished Platform building to life.

This pulsing installation symbolises the passion, life and frenetic energy the thousands of people passing through Leeds Station each day bring to the city centre.

Mirror your own heartbeat on the building through a touch-sensitive podium at the top of Bishopsgate Street.


Artist: Stuart Langley / Artistic Solutions

Venue: Platform Building, Leeds Station


  • Thursday5/10/2017

    Thu 5/10/2017  7:00 PMtoThu 5/10/2017  11:00 PM

  • Friday6/10/2017

    Fri 6/10/2017  7:00 PMtoFri 6/10/2017  11:00 PM


  • Station Zone


Leeds Station
New Station Street