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Christkindelmarkt is located on Millennium Square in the heart of Leeds city centre and is easily accessible from Calverley Street, Cookridge Street and Portland Crescent

Venue Address

Millennium Square, Leeds, LS2 3AD

Travel Options

A number of bus routes pass through the city centre and stop in close proximity to Millennium Square on The Headrow and Woodhouse Lane. For all bus service timetable and further information please contact West Yorkshire Metro on 0113 245 7676 or visit External link.

Leeds City train station is only a 10 minute walk away from Millennium Square via City Square leading into Park Row and Cookridge Street. For train services and timetable information visit External link.

A variety of street and secure parking options are available around the Civic Quarter. For further information on city centre parking visit External link. or call parking services on 0113 395 0050.

There are designated taxi ranks located nearby. In order to avoid congestion and access issues on the day,all persons attending are requested not to arrange pick up/drop off directly outside the main gates.

For information regarding coach parking and drop off/pick up points, please visit

Opening Times

Fri 9 Nov - Sat 22 Dec 2018
10.30am to 9.30pm (7.30pm Sundays)
Please note that the market will not be open until 12pm on Sunday 11 November and will close at 6pm on Saturday 22 December.

Venue Accessibility Details




FacilitiesFacilities<div class="ExternalClass82E630D2F5074657852A69FC29B2DDC4">​Disabled Persons Toilets and High Dependency Unit (HDU) / Changing Places Toilet are available on site adjacent to the Civic Hall. This unit includes a tracking hoist (please contact the council’s events team for more information on hoist type if required as slings will not be provided), height adjustable changing bench, peninsular layout toilet and a height adjustable wash basin. This will be accessible by a RADAR lock (a key will be available on site if you do not have one).<br><br>Two disabled person’s toilets with a choice of right and left handed transfer are also available within the permanent toilet facilities of Millennium Square. Both are accessed by RADAR locks and via a ramped approach.<br></div>
Blue Badge ParkingBlue Badge Parking<div class="ExternalClass5E26EBA1DFC74E0B969F865898DBCE3C"><strong>Blue Badge Parking</strong><br><br>Nearby on street designated disabled persons parking (4 hour time limit, no return within 1 hour) is available on:<br><br>Portland Gate (to the North side of the Square) <br>Portland Crescent (to the North side of the Square) <br>Rossington Street (to the South East side of the Square) <br>Cookridge Street (to the South side of the Square) <br>Alexander Street (to the South side of the Square) <br>Calverley Street (to the West side of the Square)<br><br>Woodhouse Lane multi storey car park also provides non-time limited designated disabled persons parking on Levels 1 and 7 which is free for blue badge holders.<br><br>Further information on city centre parking is available from the <a href="">Parking in Leeds</a>page. You can call parking services on 0113 395 0050.<br><br><strong>Blue Badge Drop-off</strong><br><br>There are a number of drop-off areas around the venue with the nearest accessible locations to the entrance gates on Rossington Street and Portland Gate<br><br></div>
Terrain / Ground ConditionsTerrain / Ground Conditions<div class="ExternalClassBDA42CA3936749B2A2E373546344A869"><strong>​Terrain / Ground Conditions</strong><br><br>Millennium Square is a hard-standing paved area which follows the natural topography of the surrounding ground levels and slopes down from North to South.<br><br></div>
Contact InformationContact Information<div class="ExternalClass531DBBA01611446697AA8A4201D86774">​For all enquiries regarding access for disabled people at the Christkindelmarkt, please contact the Events team with Leeds City Council on 0113 378 6988 or by email to <a href=""></a>.<br></div>

Frequently Asked Questions



What and where is Millennium Square?What and where is Millennium Square?<div class="ExternalClassB609A241881C4352A62B4CB275E381E1"><p>Millennium Square is an outdoor public space and bespoke live entertainment venue located within the civic quarter of the city centre. The venue is surrounded by some of the city’s most significant and iconic buildings including; Leeds Civic Hall, Leeds Town Hall, Leeds City Museum, Leeds General Infirmary and the Carriageworks Theatre / Electric Press complex.</p><p><br></p></div>
I have lost some property at the Christkindelmarkt, who should I contact?I have lost some property at the Christkindelmarkt, who should I contact?<div class="ExternalClassA79DB88671004012BE7BBE83F604DAE5"><p>​Please email details of your lost property to <a href=""></a></p></div>
What is Leeds ‘Christkindelmarkt’?What is Leeds ‘Christkindelmarkt’?<div class="ExternalClassB65FB38DABF147F3996501F38C7BE37B"><p>​Leeds ‘Christkindelmarkt’ is one of the largest and best established authentic German Christmas Markets in the UK. Established in 2002, the Market is a partnership between Leeds City Council and Frankfurt Am Main (City Council) in Germany. ‘Christkindelmarkt’ attracts in excess of 800,000 visitors to our city who want to savour this continental style, festive atmosphere, and it's now a key element of the city’s annual events programme.<br><br></p></div>
How do I access the Christkindelmarkt?How do I access the Christkindelmarkt?<div class="ExternalClass11BA8A08260347F7A7B54C2142A9245B"><p>​The main entrance / exit points to the market are located on Cookridge Street adjacent to Leeds City Museum, Calverley Street and on Portland Crescent.</p></div>
Are there plenty of toilet facilities?Are there plenty of toilet facilities?<div class="ExternalClass38B6B70DE9754691A21583460B2AB442"><p>​Yes, there are public toilets available in the North East of the Square underneath the Broderick terrace including two disabled toilets and a baby change facility. A dedicated changing places / high dependency unit is also available at the market.<br><br></p></div>
Is there an ATM/cash machine at the event?Is there an ATM/cash machine at the event?<div class="ExternalClass8EB40D764D034742A06E6ED393AAE0AB"><p>​There are no onsite cash facilities available. However there is a cash machine on the Electric Press building next door to the Christkindelmarkt.</p></div>
Can I smoke at the event?Can I smoke at the event?<div class="ExternalClass3D4940C2D7EE4410A0F1841AE237BCFC"><p>​As an outdoor venue, smoking is permitted but please be considerate towards other visitors. No smoking is permitted inside the indoor venues.</p></div>
Can I take photos at the Christmas Market?Can I take photos at the Christmas Market?<div class="ExternalClass843371BE29D44AD0A845B0869D63B405"><p>​Recreational photography of family, friends and / or scenic views of the venue / event is permitted other than where other persons attending the event can be clearly identified as the main focus. Please therefore be respectful to other people’s privacy at all times or you may be challenged and asked to stop and / or leave. <br><br>Photography/filming/recording for professional/commercial use is not permitted without prior written authorisation from the organisers. <br><br>All persons entering the Christkindelmarkt consent to any photography, filming and recording as arranged by the organiser for possible future transmission or promotional purposes. <br><br>No tripods or other large photography/film equipment may be used, unless by those with written authorisation from the organisers</p></div>
How can I get a stall at the market?How can I get a stall at the market?<div class="ExternalClassB7DF41EB20194DC089EC47D08FDD9E34"><p>​The stalls are all organised via Frankfurt Council in Germany as they have to be of German origin they also hire all of the staff for this event. If you are interested in becoming a trader at other markets in Leeds please visit our <a href="">Become a trader</a> page</p></div>
Can I make a reservation?Can I make a reservation?<div class="ExternalClassA7D3E879E555409FA20CFC3D0B198B01"><p>​Reservations are available and recommended for the Alp Chalet restaurant and can only be made in person at the venue. Visits to the Kuh Stall and Ski Hutte venues are strictly by walk in only subject to capacity.</p></div>

Safety and Security

Public safety at all our events is our priority and we continually review our security measures in conjunction with our contracted security provider (Showsec), West Yorkshire Police and other agencies to keep you safe.

  • Please be aware that security searches of clothing, bags and other items may be conducted, at our reasonable discretion, at any time during your visit, including on entry and exit

  • Please always follow any direction / instruction from our team of SIA registered stewards

  • CCTV is in operation with images recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety

  • Local Neighbourhood policing teams will be regularly visiting the event and please do not be alarmed if you see armed Police officers attending the event

  • Project Servator – a policing tactic used to deter, detect and disrupt a range of criminality, including terrorism – will also be deployed regularly in this area

  • If you see anything suspicious during your visit, please contact a member of security staff or alternatively call 101. In an emergency always use 999

For full event terms and conditions see our Terms and Conditions.

For more information on Project Servator visit West Yorkshire Police: Project Servator.