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The Unfair

The Unfair


There is plenty to be angry about in the world today, but what do we do with our anger and is it useful? Whilst anger can be destructive, can in also be a source for positive change?

The Unfair is a fairground filled with fun, games and a chance to let off steam for the whole family. Play a game of Angry Jenga, or write a note and Bottle It Up.

The Unfair reflects on how we express our anger and asks whether change is possible. There’s no better way to find out than through too much popcorn and an Angry Karaoke sing along.

Kirkstall Abbey is proud to pay host to the Unfair in its grounds from 9-14 May. Entry to the Unfair is free, with no booking required.  


  • Tuesday9/05/2017

    Tue 9/05/2017  1:00 PMtoTue 9/05/2017  4:00 PM

  • Thursday11/05/2017

    Thu 11/05/2017  1:00 PMtoThu 11/05/2017  4:00 PM

  • Friday12/05/2017

    Fri 12/05/2017  1:00 PMtoFri 12/05/2017  4:00 PM

  • Saturday13/05/2017

    Sat 13/05/2017  10:00 AMtoSat 13/05/2017  12:00 PM

  • Saturday13/05/2017

    Sat 13/05/2017  1:00 PMtoSat 13/05/2017  4:00 PM

  • Sunday14/05/2017

    Sun 14/05/2017  11:00 AMtoSun 14/05/2017  2:00 PM


Kirkstall Abbey
Abbey Road

0113 3784079

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Patrick Bourne
0113 3784079